On the weekends, children often want to watch cartoon when they wake up or before they go to bed. While there’s nothing wrong with a little TV time, it’s also important to take time out on the weekend and do some fun reading. Light, consistent reading will help children develop their vocabulary, practice their reading skills, and keep their brain stimulated while their away from school. If you want to incorporate more reading time with your children, Saturdays are the perfect day to start a routine and a healthy reading habit that they will truly enjoy. Switch Saturday cartoons for reading time with these six children’s books.

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Rise the Moon

Author: Eileen Spinelli

Our Score 9.8 out of 10
Rise the Moon
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Published in 2003, “Rise the Moon” will lull all readers and listeners alike. This moonlight poem explores the magic of moonshine on a lunar moth, an artist, a cozy camper, and many others. If you’re looking for a bedtime book to read while you tuck your little ones away, Rise the Moon should be a the top of your list. Raul Colon’s illustrations of the moon set the mood beautifully for bedtime and soothe children to sleep. Customers reviewed this book as a touching tale that you will want to keep around even when the kids grow older. If you’re looking for a book to gift to a new parent, this is a wonderful option. Another great bedtime book from Eileen Spinelli is “When Mama Comes Home Tonight.”

This is one of Eileen Spinelli’s verses from the book:

My Brothers’ Flying Machine — Wilbur, Orville, and Me

Author: Jane Yolen

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
My Brothers' Flying Machine: Wilbur, Orville, and Me

Jane Yolen has chosen to honor the centennial of the Flight at Kitty Hawk by seeing the events through the eyes of Katherine Wright — Wilbur and Orville’s sister. Most of us know about that day at Kitty Hawk, but Yolen allows us to see the brothers’ day-to-day work: at the bicycle shop, the printing shop, and trying to work on their invention. On February 15, 1909, Katherine finally got to go up in the flying machine, sitting by her brother Wilbur. Much of the text is taken from letters and diary entries. Jim Burke’s paintings are in the style of Barry Moser, evoking sunrises, open spaces, and every day life in the last century. This is a welcome addition to the Wright Brothers’ cannon.

Uncle Andy’s (A Faabbboulous Visit with Andy Warhol)

Author: James Warhola

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Uncle Andy's: A Faabbbulous Visit with Andy Warhol (Picture Puffin Books)

Based on the art and life of Andy Warhol, this book is the perfect read to spark your children’s imagination and creativity. In the book, a trip to New York City to visit a boy’s uncle might not seem exciting you say, but when the uncle lives in a six-level townhouse with 25 cats named Sam, you may change your mind. James Warhola has written a delightful remembrance of family visits to his Uncle Andy’s, whose house was filled with everyday stuff that Andy would soon make famous and with which a child could have so much fun. Some customer reviews of this tale report amazing storytelling, beautiful illustrations, and an inspiring storyline. If you children are interested in art, this book is an especially great read for story time.

The Mouse, the Cat and Grandmother’s Hat

Author: Nancy Willard

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
Mouse, the Cat, and Grandmother's Hat, The

“The Mouse, the Cat and Grandmother’s Hat” is a great way to get a Saturday morning started. This fun and eccentric book takes kids through a delightful and imaginative adventure that will intrigue readers until the very end. In the plot, a birthday party gone awry is the concern of Ms. Willard’s lively rhyme. Written to the cadence of “The House That Jack Built,” the story builds to a climax of the cake running off. Illustrator Jenny Matheson’s simple oils bring the charming chaos to life. Customers reviewed this book as engaging and imaginative.

Mount Olympus Basketball

Author: Kevin O’Malley

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Mount Olympus Basketball
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If your children love adventure and spots, “Out Olympus Basketball” is the perfect story, which is based on Greek mythology, to tell on a Saturday. A tall tale with a comic twist, Mount Olympus Basketball is a hilarious introduction to the Greek Gods and Demi Gods. O’Malley’s cartoons show the cast of characters who have an interesting sense of fair play. Everyone will be unhappy when Nike flies to deliver the laurel wreath and the game is over. A bonus page at the end gives reference help if one wishes to learn more about Greek mythology. Customers rated this book well and described as the perfect book for kids around 7 and 8.

Swan Harbour (A Nature Counting Book)

Author: Laura Rankin

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Swan Harbor: A Nature Counting Book
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Used Book in Good Condition

“Swan Harbor (A Nature Counting Book” demonstrates appreciation for the outdoors. If you’re children love spending time outside and are interested in nature, they will love this book. Laura Rankin’s wonderful paintings show the year in a Maine fishing village. Each page is a scene of animals or plants to count in a different season. The art shows the habitat of the animal in colorful detail. Everyone, child and adult, will learn a lot and come to appreciate the varied faces of New England. My only quibble is that no one ever does this kind of book for the Great Lakes, which would be a great addition to your nature collection.

Final Thoughts on Children’s Books for Saturdays

Saturdays are the perfect day to take just 30 minutes out of your schedule to help your children develop their reading skills and vocabulary with a great book. Whether you want a book to kickstart the day or to help your children fall asleep, these six books will intrigue your children and allow them to develop an interest in light reading.

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