The Happy Kid Company Fortamajig products help to create a safe, familiar environment that provides sensory relief. Children diagnosed with anxiety, ADHDautism, or other special needs often benefit from a safe, relaxing, solitary space of their own—which Fortamajigs provide. Children with special needs may rely on the safety and security of the familiar to relax and calm them. Providing spaces for kids who require sensory relief from overstimulation can prove challenging, unless you have a portable Fortamajig.

The Original Fortamajig

Details about Fortamajig by Happy Kid Company for Fort Building, Tunnels, Playhouses, and more
Details about Fortamajig by Happy Kid Company for Fort Building, Tunnels, Playhouses, and more Check price

Fortamajig by Happy Kid Company for Fort Building, Tunnels, Playhouses, and more. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

The Original Fortamajig allows for kids to express their creativity by creating their own design. Featuring a built-in window and door, kids can transform the Original Fortamajig into anything they want it to be, including play tent or house. By attaching the adjustable loops to objects like trees, door knobs, and more, kids can create a fun play area, all while using critical thinking and creativity. Plus, it is made of durable material that will withstand play time. The Original Fortamajig is the perfect item to bring on trips, too, as it easily rolls up and fits into a portable bag.

The Fortamajig Fun Fort!

Fortamajig Fun Fort Color: Hot Pink
Fortamajig Fun Fort Color: Hot Pink Check price

For everyone 3 years and up.
Indoor or outdoor use!
Tote bag included.

Similar to the Original Fortamajig, the Fortamajig Fun Fort is the perfect items for both indoor and outdoor fun. Kids can use Fortamajig Fun Fort to create tents, play pens, and more. The adjustable loops on the fort allow you to hook the product onto stable items, like chair legs, to expand and transform the fort into anything you want it to be. Additionally, the corner pockets are also a great use of storage and allow you to put books, shoes, or snacks inside. If you want to buy a toy that will help your kids use their imagination, the Fortamajig Fun Fort is an excellent choice.


Fortamajig Connectables
Fortamajig Connectables Check price

Portable-Use indoors and outdoors.
6-33" Squares and 2-58" long rectangles.
Ages 3 and up.

Another product that helps kids express their creativity is the Fortamajig Connectables. This product is made for kids aged 3 and up, and it can be used anywhere the kids take it. Using their minds, kids can transform the Fortamajig Connectables into a fort, castle, home, a tunnel, or play pen. Additionally, the durable material used will ensure that it lasts through many play dates. The Fortamajig Connectables is also easy to wash, store, and pack. In fact, they are the perfect item to bring along on a camping trip.

The Fortamajig Products Provide Myriad Practical Benefits

Safety & Sensory

Because Connectables are so easy to build with, children with special needs can help with the actual act of creating their spaces. Diverting their attention to the act of creating a cool hideaway starts the all-important and sometimes critical process of redirecting the awareness of their surroundings and centering it back to a safe, familiar place. These products are also great for young children at least 3 years of age, as their aren’t any choking hazards or sharp pieces.

Critical Thinking

Often, today’s toys do not challenge or engage children in a sequential thought process that involves choice and consequence. Fortamajig products integrate critical thinking patterns with the act of play. Fortamajig’s versatility helps jump-start childrens’ critical thinking. When a child decides to build a fort, they begin to formulate a plan with myriad nuances. First, users decide where they want to build their fort and then move on to how to build it, where to anchor the adjustable loops, and, ultimately, how their space is going to evolve. From design inception to creation, there are no “wrong” ways to construct their special space, so this offers them the freedom for experimentation and discovery. Dynamic play is integral to the experience.

Problem Solving

Children can be architects with the Fortamajig line of toys! As they begin play with a Fortamajig, users brainstorm, test, troubleshoot, and make active design choices to help them create the space they are imagining. Through trial and error, they may decide that structurally, they need to alter or change their creation to map to their original thought. Through the process of building, they may even decide to completely rework their original ideas. Through their own actions, they learn how to initiate, assess, and move forward to discovering effective solutions to the fun “problems” that fort building presents.

Team Building Exercises

Take a Fortamajig outside for an afternoon play date with the neighborhood kids and you have instant fun! You also have an incredible team-building toy that fosters creative thinking and collaboration among children and groups of children. As kids convene to decide how their space will look, they work together to achieve this collective goal. The size of the Fortamajig, its impressive number of loops, and many features present all sorts of group decision-making options. The team building does not stop after the space is created—it’s a great stepping stone to an afternoon of inventing fun activities and playtime scenarios in their self-created space.

Social Development

Building forts with Fortamajig is a great way for kids to take control of certain aspects of their life and create a space for their own imaginations to roam. Often the act of building a fort takes on elements of how the child is feeling. Problem-solving and critical-thinking elements come into play as children learn how to overcome obstacles and create their own sanctuaries.


One of the fundamental elements of childhood is imaginative play. Children learn best when they are simultaneously engaged and entertained. Building and creating play spaces sets the stage for hours of creative play. After their space is erected, they can imagine all sorts of new worlds and activities.

Final Thoughts on Fortamajig Products

These three Fortamajig products are suitable for family fun, and they encourage kids to use skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity to transform them products into anything they want them to be. What makes these products convenient is that they can be taken anywhere indoors and outdoors. Plus, they are easy to travel with, clean, and store. You can use them during birthday parties, or just for simple play time at home.

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